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FakeTaxi Poor student fucks faketaxi driver for extra cash

Students in the UK think they have a hard life. Having to pay for their own education must be a terrible burden on them.  But they all seem to have plenty of money to use to get pissed most weekends don’t they.  This poor student called Anna is actually down to her last couple of penny’s.  She can only just afford to hired the taxi ride.

She starts t tell the faketaxi driver about her hard life being a student.  She explains that most of her money is used to pay for accommodation rather than being used to get drunk night after night.  This is when the our fake London cab driver suggests that she buys a web cam and joins hundreds of other young girls who need extra cash buy giving webcam shows online.

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She has never heard of anybody doing this before, but it does sound like a good idea to her.  It sound to good to be true really.  Can she really work from home on her own laptop with a simple webcam and just get naked and talk dirty to strangers?  She is not sure if she has the guts to be able to do that.

The faketaxi driver then makes his move to test her need for cash.  Would she be willing to fuck in the taxi for cash?  She really does need the money, but this is like prostitution. the faketaxi driver tells her that he will not charge for the taxi journey and he will give her some money too.  She decides that she will do it just once and never do it again.  This young student is caught by surprise when she see’s the size of his cock.  This was more than her pussy could handle.

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FakeTaxi Jess West is fucked by the faketaxi drivers big long cock

Jess West become an instant FakeTaxi favorite when she appeared in one of his greatest porn scenes.  Don’t let her sweet innocent looks fool you, she is a filthy as they come. She love big cock in her beautifully formed vagina.

In this glorious faketaxi video she is explaining to him that all her previous boyfriends have never been able to satisfy her sexual needs.  She is starting to wonder if she will ever find out what it must feel like to have a real intense orgasm. The faketaxi driver could not of wished for a better opportunity to fuck a young girl who must be barely 19 years old.

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He takes the opportunity with both hands and explains to Jess that what she needs is an older man with plenty of sexual experience and best of all…a big long cock.  He pulls his fake cab over in a quiet area and gets in the back with her.  He then shows her what sex is really all about.

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