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FakeTaxi Delilah Dash is given cash for free taxi ride and sexy in the back of the cab

It’s a hot and sunny day in Sutton, UK.  The FakeTaxi driver has been working all morning and it’s now mid afternoon.  The heat really makes our driver very horny indeed. So he was delighted to spot this young blonde women standing on the street looking for a taxi to Bromley High Street. He offers her a lift and she is very grateful.

Delilah Dash

As soon as she gets in the cab, Delilah Dash spots him staring at her legs via his rear view mirror.  She doesn’t tell him to stop, but just makes him aware that he is being too obvious.  He confesses that this hot weather is making him very horny.

He is so horny he offers her a free taxi journey if she sucked his cock.  She was a little shocked at first, but she did not say no.  She explained that she did not give blowjobs to people she has just met. So he then decides to offer her £50 plus the free taxi journey just for a blowjob to relieve his sexual frustration.

It wasn’t untill he offered her £100 plus the free taxi journey that she actually said yes.  How could she refuse £100 just to suck on a old taxi drivers cock. She was a bit worried that it might smell after being in his trousers all day.

Watch Delilah Dash get a cum load in her shaven bald pussy.

The deal was just a blowjob…he gets in the back with her and she asks him to confirm that it’s just for blowjob.  Of course, he says.  She makes his cock as hard as a rock with a great blowjob technique. He tells her that he really wants to fuck her pussy. She is now also moist and wet, so she bends over the backseat and takes his cock in her pussy.

She was not expecting him to cum in her pussy. She was so pissed off by this. He shot his load deep inside her. He pulled his cock from her pussy and left his cum dribbling out of her, like a glorious creampie.

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