Fake Taxi MILF in black nylons is to poor to pay her fare

The faketaxi driver really needs to earn some cash today. She has given away too many free rides lately and his pockets are starting to become empty.  He needs to stop fucking his customers and actually taking their cash instead of their pussy and tits.

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Unfortunately for our famous taxi driver, his next passenger has no money. She has got in to the taxi and not got enough money to pay for the fare.   He is fucking pissed off by this, but there is only one solution. He might as well empty his balls inside her or over her. She does look quite sexy in black nylon tights so it should be too difficult to crack one out.

FakeTaxi Women who piss on the street.

I understand that some women have very weak bladders, but come on ladies. Do you really need to squat down and let it out on the street?  Us guys are quite lucky I guess, we can whip out our cocks behind a tree or bush and just take a piss without causing too much embarrassment.

UrinationI have had two occasions lately where female customers have begged me to pull over and let them have a piss.  Why don’t they go before they leave.  It’s not rocket science to work out how far you are going to travel and then decide whether that last coffee you drank will suddenly need to be let out.

I’ve decided to record any women that wants to take a piss outside my taxi.  This will teach them that they should really be more prepared when leaving their house.  Squatting down beside a taxi and dropping your panties is not very lady like is it.  Leaving a stream of piss behind you must be very degrading.

FakeCab No Free Ride on my London FakeTaxi

To be honest, being a taxi driver ain’t exactly the worlds greatest job.  I don’t think many people go through school and university with the ambition of becoming a taxi driver for a living. But everyone needs to make a living, so when I needed a job, I was lucky enough to buy my own taxi from an auction in little town just outside London.

I can’t be arsed to get all the right licensing or do any special taxi tests, what is the point in all that shit.  I’ve got a taxi that looks like a taxi and people just jump in and pay me for a ride to their destination.

The real perk of this job though is meeting some really cracking women.  For some strange reason they all like to tell me their dirty little secrets or they like to tell me that they are in need of real sex.  Some fuckers though take the the piss.  A lot of my female passengers think they can get in a cab without any fucking money.  They think if they flatter their eyelashes, I’ll give them a free bloody ride.  But let me tell you, no ride in my taxi is free!  They may not have to pay with cash, but they all pay their way.

I’m very happy to accept pussy as a currency in my fake taxi.  It still amazes me, even now, how easy some women will just get their tits out or suck my cock just so they don’t have to pay me in cash.  I’ve lost count now of how many women I have fucked senseless in the back of my fakecab.  It’s too fucking easy. I’m not talking ugly old trollops either,  Some of these women are real stunners with big tits and lovely blonde hair.  I can’t believe my luck sometimes.   I have had more pussy since I have been driving my taxi than any other time of my life.

Who knows what the future holds for me and my taxi.  I’ll continue to drive around picking up random people, listening to there stories and moans and groans.  As long as I’m able to fire my spunk into some pussy on the backseat from time to time, I’ll be a happy taxi driver.

FakeTaxi Emily blonde with glasses and shaven pussy fucks on back seat

This was one sexy blonde with her smile and those suck my cock glasses the faketaxi driver was gonna do his very best to get a result. She mentioned that her ex-boyfriend had cheated on her and she was still very pissed off about it, so the driver sold her the idea of a sex tape that they could send to him to show what he was missing.

Her tits were just the right size and he loved her expressions when he sunk my thick cock deep in her pussy. The naughty taxi driver could not wait to shoot his load all over her shaven pussy.

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FakeTaxi Pole Dancer gives the faketaxi driver private sex show on backseat

Yes ladies and gentlemen, the faketaxi driver has picked a really beauty here.  She calls herself Emily and she is a pole dancer at the local strip club in London.  Se has long dark brown hair and a really hot looking body.  Best of all, she has a cracking pair of tits.

The driver cannot resist telling her that her recognises her for the strip club, He tells her that he has spent plenty of money watching her dance.  He gets a hard-on every time he watches her and he has to go home for a wank.

Watch FakeTaxi driver fuck this stunning pole dancer on the backseat of his taxi.

This fake London taxi driver is in for a really treat as she agrees to flash him her big tits so he can see them in his rear view mirror.  Once again she has given him a hard on.  This time he didn’t need to go home for a wank, because she treats him to hardcore sex in the back of his bogus taxi.

FakeTaxi Wild ginger haired sophisticated looking women flashes her pussy

It’s not often that the faketaxi driver gets to pick up a good looking ginger woman. Most ginger women he picks up are fat and ugly.  I’ve nothing against ginger people at all but the truth is that blondes and brunettes are much better looking, but that’s just my opinion…lets get back to this scene.

This sophisticated looking ginger women is call Zara.  Quite a posh name and she does her best to speak posh too. She is wearing sexy black stockings with that little bit of black lace at the top that is used to tease men to their knee’s.  Her glasses give her an almost secretarial look.  Her tight white coat doesn’t do a good job of hidden the fact that she has a great pair of natural tits.

The fake taxi driver starts off trying a little bit of small talk with her and he finds out that she is only 22 years old, and he tells her that he has never has a relationship with a redhead, he confesses to never actually seeing a ginger pussy before.  He offers her £100 and a free taxi ride if she flashed him her pussy. He wanted to see it in his rear view mirror. She could not refuse £100 just for a quick flash of her pussy.

The sight of her ginger minge has made the driver horny. He wants more than just a look, but she flatly refuses when he asks whether he could fuck her in his taxi.  The conversation died off, but she soon realises that he is taking her the wrong way. He starts to drive into a public car park. He drives up to the top level and parks the car.  She is a bit worried by this time. He doesn’t say a word.  But its daylight so she isn’t that worried, just a little confused.

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He gets out of the taxi and joins her in the back seat.  He then explains that he really wants to fuck her ginger pussy, and he has a little bit of bargaining power. He tells her that he has recorded her flashing her pussy on his secret internal security camera. He gives her a choice. She can either have sex with him or he will put her ginger muff all over the internet.

She cannot risk her friends and family seeing it on the internet, so she has to let the dirty taxi driver fuck her ginger chuff-box.  He fuck her pussy hard and finished off with a very powerful cumshot that nearly knocks her teeth out.

FakeTaxi Stunning blonde women with sexy legs pounded on the backseat

As soon a the fake taxi driver saw this hot blonde with a great pair off legs waiting for a taxi, he rushed straight in and picked her up.  He loves a women with really long legs. She fantasises about have them wrapped around his neck while he eats their pussy.

She is a really beautiful women. Her straight short blonde hair gives her a sexy sophisticated look. But there is no real sophistication about her. She is not shy in taking up the fake taxi drivers offer of sex for cash off on the back seat of his bogus black London taxi.

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She gets bent over with her head through the window as he bangs away at her tight pussy.  When it come time for him to blow his load, he got her to open her mouth open wide and he cum down her throat.

FakeTaxi A really hairy ginger pussy fucked in the backseat

OMG, you don’t get to see hairy ginger pussy like this everyday.  This dozy looking women with hair all in a mess was on her way to her boyfriends.  He was going to take her out for lunch.  In small talk with the driver, she explained that she was a student and she was studying beauty therapy at college.   The fake taxi driver was playing his own game with her. He was just driving around the block again and again. It took her while to realise what he was doing.  She was convince he had no idea where he was going.

The driver was doing his best to make her think that she was going crazy and telling her that she was only 5 minutes away from her destination.  When he got there, she told her the fee was £150! She could not believe it. She was sure he had been driving around and around just to increase the fare.  She tells him that she has not got £150 with her and she cannot pay him.

The driver then just starts driving off with her still in the backseat.  She has no idea where he is going.  Eventually he starts to talk to her again.  He tells her that she has two choices. She can either suck his cock or get out and walk. She had no idea where she was and had no money.  Left with no choice, she agrees to sucking his cock.

He pulls over in a disused garage and gets in the back with her.  She sucks his cock for 2-3 minutes before he tells her that he is secretly filming her on his security cameras.  He then says that he wants to bring out his camcorder to film her sucking his cock POV style.

The taxi driver then tells er that he want to fuck her pussy.  this is when the driver got a real pleasant surprise. She pulls her panties to one side and reveals the hairiest ginger pussy he has ever seen. He really likes it!

FakeTaxi Mature blonde gets her pussy fucked by her first big cock

Its late at night and the faketaxi driver is nearly on his way home when he picks his last customer straight off the street. She looks like an old lady at first in the wrong light but actually she is much better looking than what first impression suggest.  She is on her way home too, but she is going home to an empty house as she is a single women.  She tells the driver that she is single and has been for a while. She hasn’t had sex for ages.

So this seemed like the perfect opportunity for the famous Sutton FakeTaxi driver to get his cock suck. He knows that if single women who has not much cock action for a while could not resist his cash for sex offer.  He offers her money in exchange for fucking her on the back seat.  She does not need to be asked twice.

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She happily welcomes him into the back of s legendary fake black London taxi. She dive straight down on to his cock and gives him a glorious sensual blowjob.  She is amazed at the size of his cock. She admits that it is the biggest cock she has ever had in her mouth and she was worried that her pussy may not be able to handle it.

The faketaxi driver soon puts her mind to rest. He opens her legs as wide as they would go, and he slipped his cock deep into her wet pussy. She took his cock with a moan and a groan. He was enjoying having his long length in her. It was a feeling she had never felt before. Her pussy had never been stretched so much in her life.

FakeTaxi Victoria Summers with big boobs takes a ride on taxi drivers big cock

She has long straight blonde hair and a pair of really big boobs. This is the kind of girl that the faketaxi driver dreams of fucking on the back seat of bogus black London taxi that he drives. The driver makes her an offer. He is prepared to pay her £10 if she flashes those big titties for him to see in his rear view mirror. She happily stands up and gets her tits out for him whilst he is still driving. He thinks they are amazing tits.

The next thing she knows, he is pulling into a public car park. She tells him that this is not where she wants to go. She wanted to go to the hospital. He doesn’t say a word to her…he just drives to the empty part of the car park. He gets out of the drivers seat and joins her on the backseat.

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Now she is freeking out. What the fuck is he doing.  He start to tell her that his taxi is fitting with security cameras that have been recording her whole journey, including the bit where she is getting her tits out. He tells her that he will upload it to the internet.

She goes mental at him. She is really worried that her family and friends will see her flashing her big breasts.  He makes her a deal that she cannot not refuse.  He promises her that he will delete the video if she agree’s to having sex with him right there and then.